Here is just a tiny sample of the incredible testimonials that parents have given us.


T. Conlan, Parent:

"Last night I asked the kids, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome and 1 being bad, how would they rate the day they spent at the Tekkit course. Without hesitation they both shouted, "10!!". No mother can ask for more than that."


M. Renshaw, Parent:

"Bubble Dome has fired my daughters imagination from day one. She has continued to grow in imagination and skill as the content has challenged and provided her with a means to express herself"


V. Niethe, Parent:

"This School Holiday Programme a very good investment in furthering our sons education"


E. Maron, Parent:

"Over the years...my daughter has found like-minded friends, gained valuable skills, and found the direction she would like to take in her future career. It has been money well spent and we believe her burgeoning knowledge will help her to gain a place at the tertiary institute of her choice"


J. Stewart, Parent:

"My daughter is on the asperges/adhd spectrum and the Bubble Dome courses have been fantastic for her...she is totally engaged and loves the interaction with the tutors and the social interaction with the otherstudents"


C Mobbs, Parent:

"My children are mid-way through their respective Minecraft courses out of Tintern Grammar in Ringwood East this week. I just wanted to say how much they have both really enjoyed themselves. I found their teacher to be approachable, interested and helpful."


Bubble Dome welcomes feedback from students, and their parents and caregivers. Please contact info@bubbledome.com.