Minecraft Adventures BYOL

Minecraft Adventures BYOL

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Times: 9am – 3pm = $299 OR 9am-5pm = $329

Ages: 6-10 yrs 

In this action-packed course, kids will  progress through a series of custom Minecraft worlds, solving problems and honing their skills. Each world features a new adventure, packed with challenges and puzzles to solve! Kids will be introduced to some of the more advanced features of Minecraft, while developing their teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Perfect for newer players and kids who have already completed Minecraft Inventions and Challenges.

*To participate in this course, students will need to have their own Minecraft Account, which costs approximately NZD$33.00, and is not included in the cost of this course. Minecraft accounts may be purchased from www.minecraft.net. Students will need to bring their Minecraft account login details (username and password) to this course.

THIS IS A BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP COURSE. To participate, students will need their own Laptop with Minecraft installed. 

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