Technology Camp! Ages (6-12 YRS) - 5 Day Week 3

Technology Camp! Ages (6-12 YRS) - 5 Day Week 3

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Fun, creative, educational tech courses throughout the entire week!

Technology camp 

Come join our technology camp! We have fun exciting and educational courses for the kids every day. This camp will involve a specific course each day that will get the kids engaging and having a great time. Tech camp is for anyone who is crazy about technology or who has a keen interest. The week will include the following courses:


 Januayr 22 - 26


Monday January 22 Making Movies

Students will learn how to create their own movies. Set the scene by planning the action in your movie and film your movie using a smartphone or tablet. Learn about lighting and camera angles, come up with your own story, and make your own short film! Dress-up your actors…Ready Action…*


Tuesday January 23 CAD design

Learn Scratch and how to design things on the computer. Build your dream home or just improve their existing bedroom


Wednesday January 24 Robot Wars

A fun and hands-on introduction to applied programming, using Lego Mindstorm NXT robots. Build and program a Lego Mindstorm robot to drive around, respond to sensors, or battle other robots! Kids will work together to build a robot, then download programming into the Mindstorm ‘Brick’ to make it work, then modify or create original programming for the robots they have built.


Thursday January 25 Makey Makey

Want to make a piano out of bananas or turn a drawing into a working electrical circuit? It might sound impossible, but you can with Makey Makey! This engaging educational product harnesses conductivity to create switches and circuits out of virtually anything that can conduct a tiny electrical current- including people, graphite and fruit! Students will be introduced to circuits and electrical components, then use Makey Makey. This is a hands-on introduction to electricity and applied programming.


Friday January 26 Minecraft Play

For the Minecraft lover, the day will be spent in this incredible world working on whatever they want to. NB the day will be broken up with plenty of getting outside to breathe the fresh air too *



Times: 9am -3pm 

Early Drop off 8:30 and Late Pick up 5:00 available for an extra $50 per week

Days : Full week Monday - Friday 

Location: Auckland Secondary school ,272 Jervois Rd

Cost: $295 for 5 days of Tech Camp 

Single day options: $89 per day 



Please note: drop off is at Auckland secondary school by 9am. 

Camps starts at 9am and goes till 3pm for the price stated above. We have an extra 8am-5pm drop off and pickup time of $10 extra per day. ( if choosing this option please call and book rather than book online) 

*(Device needed) Special Instructions: IMPORTANT: This is a Bring Your Own Device course. Students will need to bring their own tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android) with the following apps installed on their device to attend the tech camp as certain courses will need the below apps required:

Instagram, Boomerang for Instagram, Instagram Hyperlapse, Instagram Layout,  Lego movie maker( IOS and Android will have different versions of this but please select 1st option that comes up), and YouTube Capture. These apps are free, and are available via the Apple App store, or Google Play.

We do stress that you get these apps installed before course starts. If you are having any difficulty with apps or want any info please give us a call to ask. 

Students must also bring their charger for their device.

Special Instructions: Please bring a packed lunch and water for the day

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